In todays societies, international, domestic, political, and social issues have made it necessary to take a proactive approach in the protection of key personnel, assets, and critical materials under corporate control. 

The United States, as with other nations, is no longer immune to terroristic threats and sheer acts of terrorism from abroad or even within our own boundaries.  It is imperative that governments and corporations maintain national and international integrity.  It is equally important to exhibit and maintain a strong and formidable corporate structure. 

The depth of your commitment to provide a secure environment for your key personnel may be tested at any time. We are committed to providing the highest degree of protection and the safest environment possible in any location throughout the world.  Our success depends upon a complete threat assessment, client profile, intelligence and information sources, and responsible, committed, and seasoned personnel in the field. We also provide advance teams, detailed site analysis, site hardening and sterilization, and on-site testing of current security networks.

Our agents in the field are expertly trained and possess language skills that will enhance your professional appearance in the international marketplace. We continually train to maintain a condition of readiness to respond to any location worldwide. We are very proud to offer one of the most advanced protection and support services available in the private sector.

A. Joseph Dongvillo

Chief Executive Officer

Domestic & International Protection


 CAGE Code:5A8J2